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iPad 3 Casing Reveals Larger Battery, New Camera

Pictures of what’s being called case shots for the iPad 3 have surfaced.  RepairLabs got its hands on what are said to be insider photos of the the rear-shell of the device.  It’s looking like there’s not going to be a major redesign, but the iPad 3 does appear to have space for a larger battery, a reconfigured logic board, new cameras, and a different screen. The casing features different mounts for the logic board, which would mean that the new iPad 3 would feature a completely new logic board with a different shape and design over the previous versions.

The new iPad will pack in a 2048×1536 display in a package that’ll be around one millimeter thicker than the iPad 2. According to The Verge, the A6 processor under the hood of the tablet will not be quad-core, but will offer speedier dual-core performance with a “significantly more powerful” graphics core. The Washington Post reports that Apple is expected to release the new iPad this Spring.

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