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OnePlus 2 use USB Type-C

oneplus 2 usb type c

The launch of OnePlus 2 is getting closer. Seen from OnePlus gives leak of OnePlus 2. And after the processor Snapdragon 810 v2.1 1.8 GHz is announced OnePlus confirm that the 2 will use USB Type-C that make it the first smartphone. Where previously USB-C is used on a 12 inch ...

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Apple officially announce iOS 9


Like Google, Apple committed to release new iOS in every year. And shortly after Android M was announced, Apple followed by introducing iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015. Exactly as previously rumored where Apple just focused improvements, iOS 9 does not have many new ...

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Windows 10 will come on the end of July


After a few times to get a rumor, Microsoft finally mengumuimkan the presence of Windows 10 thath started coming on July 29. Even Microsoft offers free updates by registering in advance where the later your computer will download Windows 10 automatically when it is available. Any such size reach 3 ...

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